Keywords, Ad Groups, or Campaigns may show a label of either [enabled] or [disabled].

Disabled keywords are those keywords of the campaign/ad group which are currently being reported by Amazon as paused, archived or blocked.

Keywords may be reported by Amazon as "disabled" for one of the following reasons:

  • All search terms attached to the keyword are negative-matched.

  • The equivalent keyword co-exists in the same ad group yet is archived (eg. 2 of the same keyword in different status)

  • The ad group is paused.

  • The campaign is paused (within the recent 24 hours).

  • The portfolio is paused.

  • The keyword is paused.

In the case of a temporarily-paused campaign (e.g. "day parting"/time of day tactic), you may select Settings > Account Settings > Settings > Show Archived / Paused Campaigns to make such campaigns/ad groups/keywords visible and editable.

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