Purpose: Gain keyword control of match type andoptimization of a search term

Timing: Weekly

a. Daterange = 60 days (recommended)
b. Campaign/AdGroup: select specific campaign to filter upon
c. Orders min = 2
d. Net min = 0
e. Hide ASINs
f.  Advanced = Exclude Search Term-Keyword precise match

Recommended Action:

  • Group by Ad Group/Campaign;
  • Create a keyword in phrase match type in PHRASE match type-ad group (using either default bid or approximate CPC bid).
  • {Optional to also add both Exact- match and Broad- match types and ad groups.}  


  • Analyze & Improve
  • Search Term Performance
  • Saved Filters
  • STEP 10. Converting Search Terms to Keywords [EXPANSION]
  • Observe results
  • Click [Campaign/Ad Group] to filter to most common campaign name
  • Clickblue [Filter] button
  • Select all checkboxes for this filtered campaign
  • Click [Add Selected as New Keyword] button
  • Select the new destination manual campaign for Phrase match
  • Select the new destination ad group for Phrase match
  • Click [Add to Change Manager] button
  • Click [Change Manager] menu (or open Change Manager in a new browser tab)
  • Changes Awaiting Implementation
  • Set Changeset Title = STEP 10. Converting Search Terms to Keywords [EXPANSION]
  • Click [Push to Amazon Campaign Manager] button


*see also http://bit.ly/ppcscope9


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