When you are new to PPC Scope, you are prompted to add a credit card to your account for the monthly subscription fee. This card is automatically charged on your monthly subscription renewal date. From time to time there may be a need to change or update the card you have on file. To update your payment card details simply login to your PPC Scope account then follow these steps:

  • Click on 'Settings' from top header and choose 'Account Settings' from the drop down

  • The Account Settings tab 'Plan' will open. From the 'Plan' tab click the 'Update Card Details' blue button

  • Update your credit card number, expiration date and CVC. Then click 'Update Card Details.' This will allow you to update or change your credit card. ¬†Any successful update replaces whatever card you have on file.

Contacting Customer Support

Sometimes you're unable to submit or update your credit card information. If you receive errors and your credit card provider cannot resolve the issue, contact Customer Support for help. Provide the last four digits of your credit card, your email address associated your PPC Scope account, and details on the error you have received.

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